About the Weddi Awards

  1. What are the Weddi Awards?

    The Weddi Awards is WeddingWire’s annual award program that distinguishes exceptional businesses and individuals in the wedding industry. Professionals are recognized for their extraordinary Professional Achievements, Customer Excellence, and Innovation + Creativity.

  2. Is 2016 the first year of the program?

    No. We hosted the Weddi Awards 2015 at WeddingWire World 2015, but are excited to have expanded the program and rolled out voting based awards for a larger reach and impact in 2016.

  3. Is the Weddi Awards replacing any of WeddingWire’s awards programs?

    No. The Weddi Awards is in addition to - not replacing - our other awards programs, like the Couples’ Choice Awards and WeddingWire Rated.

  4. Are there official rules I can review?

    Yes, there are Official Rules available for you to review.

Submission Round

  1. Where can I find all of the Weddi Awards?

    All Weddi Awards for 2016 are listed on the WeddiAwards homepage, under the three overarching categories: Professional Achievement, Customer Excellence, and Innovation + Creativity.

  2. How do I submit someone or myself for an award?

    Please visit the Weddi Awards website and review the awards. You may apply for as many of the voting-based awards as you would like. Please only submit yourself or your business one time per award.

  3. Can I submit for more than one award?

    Yes. You can submit to any and as many of the voting-based awards as you like. Please submit only once per award for each business.

  4. Can I be submitted twice for one award?

    You techincally can be submitted more than once for an award, but only the first submission will count. We will pull in your name, business name, and submission summary from the first submission for you as your ballot.

  5. When does the submission round close?

    The Weddi Award submission round closed at midnight on November 18th, as stated on each of the award submission pages and in our Official Rules.

  6. If I was not submitted, can I still win a Weddi Award?

    You still may be eligible to win a Weddi Award based on data, but not on submissions. The listed awards that do not have voting pages will be determined by WeddingWire data as of December 31st, 2015 at midnight, and we will reach out to those winners in January, 2016.

Voting Round

  1. When does the voting round begin?

    The voting round opens on December 9th, 2015, and will be open for two weeks. The voting round will close at midnight on December 23rd, 2015. All nominees will be contacted with information about their nominations by December 31st, 2015.

  2. Where did you get the information for my business’ voting block?

    The information for your business’ voting block was pulled directly in from your or your nominator’s submission. This information included business name, individual name, and the submission summary. The submission form stated that the summary was the only piece of the submission that the public would see to vote on. Your business’ Storefront link and profile image were also added for additional information and personalization.

  3. Can I update my voting block or submission summary?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to honor updates to the submission summaries or voting blocks. We pulled in the information directly from your or your nominator’s submission and cannot make individual updates. If you have specific concerns, you can contact weddiawards@weddingwire.com.

  4. Should I update my Storefront information during the voting round?

    If you adjust your Storefront profile image during the voting round, please note that your Storefront image on the voting page(s) might break.

  5. How will the order of voting blocks be determined on the voting pages?

    At launch, the order of the voting blocks will be determined by the time that each submission was received, from first to last. However, once voting starts, the blocks will also be ordered from most to least amount of votes. We’re hoping this will encourage you to collect lots of votes to get to the top of the list!

  6. How do I vote?

    To vote, simply visit the award page you would like to vote for from WeddiAwards.com. Find the individual you would like to vote for, scroll over their block, and click to vote.

  7. Can I vote more than once per award?

    You can only vote one time per award, per device (mobile or desktop).

  8. Can I change my vote?

    No. You can only vote one time per award, and you will be unable to change your vote once it's cast.

  9. Can I vote for other awards?

    Yes. You can vote for any of the awards one time each, including the award you were nominated for. We encourge you to vote for each award!

  10. Who is allowed to vote?

    Anyone is allowed to vote, one time per award, per device. There are no restrictions to the industry, so we encourage you to share with your past clients, collegues and friends to collect votes!

  11. How can I encourage people to vote for me?

    Share the award that you were nominated for, and what winning the award means to you, with your network. Social media is a great way to spread the word, as are emails, personal notes, and more.

Judging Round

  1. Will I find out if I make it to the judging round?

    Yes. You will be contacted if you are one of the top three candidates following the voting round, and you will be notified that you are moving on to the juding round.

  2. What will I get if I make it to the judging round?

    You will recieve one complimentary standard ticket to WeddingWire World 2016.

  3. Who are the judges?

    The judges are a panel of 11 education experts and WeddingWire trusted vendor ambassadors who will rate each of the top three submissions by award on a scale of 1 to 10. The individual in each category with the top overall rating by all judges will be deemed the winner.

Winners Announcement

  1. What will I get if I win?

    All winners will receive one complimentary standard ticket to WeddingWire World 2016, as well as an invitation to a VIP reception at the event where they will receive a trophy to showcase the award.

  2. How can I find out if I won?

    We will contact all those who applied at the start of the voting round, and will share the top three candidates per voting category in December. All winners will be announced at the VIP reception at WeddingWire World 2016 on Wednesday, February 10th.

  3. What happens if I don't win?

    The top three nominees with the most votes for each award will be contacted on December 31st, 2015, and will be given one complimentary standard ticket to WeddingWire World 2016. The other nominees will not be contacted.